“Clear the road I’m sixteen” causes me stress just thinking about it!

Stress is the natural occurrence of changes happening that impacts a person physically or mentally or emotionally. Any event that causes change and demands readjustment in the life of an average person is stress. Weather, sickness, traffic, being a victim of attack, and suffering loss are examples of stress.

In years long ago, humans mainly dealt with issues of survival that caused great stress. Today, we still respond to stress as we did long ago. Back then; most dangers were physical prompting the Fight or Flight response. Blood flow is stronger and heart rate increases as one prepares to fight the situation at hand or flee for safety. Hormones create changes in metabolism, and breathing changes as a person prepares for flight or fight. Keeping stress under control sometimes requires purposeful techniques such as practiced breathing, tapping, meditation, and thought-filled therapy. Maintaining a positive, hopeful attitude and developing a stress hardy outlook enables a person to manage stress and return to a balanced state as quickly as possible when encountering stress.

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