LIFE plus what?

I believe that there is a formula to success.  Individuals can reach their goals despite roadblocks, loss, hardships and life situations but it may take hard work, determination, motivation and accountability! As a wellness coach, I help others achieve success through small steps and habits that are anchored with proven, evidence-based research.


We have a life.

Life can be happy and healthy.

We need balance and wholeness.

I have found that activities, work, people, food, and nature can add positive elements to our lives. Finding balance is sometimes the challenge. Making time for self-care is so critical to moving forward with meeting personal goals. Focusing ONLY on ourselves will surely lead to problems in our relationships, work life and friendships. Balancing the art of being true to ourselves while meeting our obligations to others can be tough. How does one learn to juggle like the best clown in town? How does the fun-loving clown keep all of the balls in the air?   Is it skill? Practice? An unfair advantage?

Years ago I found that when I focused my attention in one area, the other areas of my life were neglected and I became out of balance and began dropping balls. Finding balance or creating balance is crucial to life satisfaction and whole health. Just as a stool needs its legs to stay steady, we need BALANCE to be happy, healthy and effective.

Sometimes, we have to let things go… Does that mean we slip up and drop a ball? Not necessarily. We can dig deep and determine what pulls us down or simply keeps us busy to be busy. Then, the decision can be made to let go of things. Feel at peace with the decision. Juggle fewer balls perhaps. There is a time and season for all things. Dig deep and decide what this season is for in your life, get organized and have a vision for the future. Once we have the particular balls in place to juggle, we need achievable steps in place and routines established and supportive people around us.

Maybe this is your season to focus on your health!

  • To those people who are too busy or stressed or frantic – I hope you will slow down, breathe, look around you and know things will work out. Seriously. Do your best, work your plan and adjust as needed.
  • To those stuck or feeling defeated or who have decided to be satisfied with mediocrity – I hope you will put yourself out there, try new things, take a chance, invite meaningful conversation, be open to being social and nurture your friendships and make new ones, set some goals and lean on others.
  • To those hopeless or burdened – Believe that things can be better, work on your faith; know things will change over time and that your attitude can lead the way.

Whole Health takes Finding Purpose, Moving More, having a “Tribe” or Community of Support, Good Nutrition, and Reducing Stress. Whole health means feeling well and living long and well.

One might say… “That would be The LIFE.”

The LIFE plus energy

The LIFE plus love and support of self and others

The LIFE plus satisfaction

The LIFE plus wellness

A life of balance is LIFE plus so much more!

I encourage you to let this season be about your wellness.



Finding Treasure through Lifestyle and Health

rfid0_7kep4-natalie-foxMetabolic Syndrome

Society’s treasure has been focused on complete freedom to eat, behave and live in any way without regard for others and without consequences. Our guilty pleasures, instant gratifications and flippant attitudes towards responsibility and humanity do have consequences though. The consequences have shown up in poor human relationships and our declining health. During the last 20 years, we have seen more degenerative diseases than ever before. At the same time, our eating habits declined. Today, we are more stressed, eat poorly while we are stressed and are increasingly more tired from our schedules and food choices. This often leads to choosing caffeine or other stimulates to keep us awake and alert. Then, we reach for alcohol to help us relax. We add medications on top of all that and exercise very little. We are making ourselves so sick.

Metabolic Syndrome is a group of risk factors that raises your risk for heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

The risk factors include:

  • Large waistline
  • High Blood Pressure
  • High triglyceride level
  • Low HDL cholesterol level
  • High fasting blood sugar

High insulin levels result from low-fat/high carbohydrate diets, stress, dieting, caffeine, alcohol, aspartame, tobacco, steroids, stimulants, lack of exercise, excessive or unnecessary thyroid replacement therapy and all over the counter and prescription drugs. This is a broad listing that can lead to high insulin levels. Ultimately the high insulin levels disrupt hormones and biochemical reactions at the cellular level. This means one thing. We must find ways to reduce stress, eliminate or reduce particular things from our diet and live a balanced life focused on our health.

Even after healthy habits are formed, we face challenges. A fast–paced life causes daily obstacles for people. Take jobs for example that are demanding with long hours or families of school-age children with extra curricular activities. Managing a healthy meal for yourself or your family with limited amount of time at work or between activities is challenging. Not only does our schedule make healthy eating difficult, but also the food industry has provided many unhealthy options in our grocery stores. When these foods are eaten out of convenience or habit, they contribute to accelerated aging and disease.

Great strides have been made in bringing awareness to linking diet to overall health. A healthy lifestyle can extend longevity while regenerating and healing the body. We must value our health and teach our children how choices today have consequences tomorrow. Perhaps, with a little extra planning, those busy families can provide nutritious meals on-the-go and design a schedule that doesn’t put such stress on the family. We can learn to stay away from particular “foods” in the grocery store by focusing on real food around the edges of the store – the fresh, refrigerated and frozen foods areas. Nutritional planning can lead to treasures of good whole health and keep the risk of metabolic syndrome at bay. Treasuring health means we have to focus on it. For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also. Luke 12:34. At work and at home, put your heart and mind to intentional healthy living!

Feel your best to be your best!