Being Impressive and Making changes

Be impressive from the start. This means you may need to brush up on your social skills, table manners, communication skills, and leadership characteristics. When you practice skills from these areas daily, they become who you are and the skills become effortless. You will be at ease in different situations and that is the first component in being impressive.

Do you know how to lead a meeting? or Which bread plate is yours? or If you should use your cell phone at the table? or How to make an introduction? or How to enter a room with confidence? or How to speak up in a group to be heard and understood? What to do with your silverware at the end of the meal? How to handle difficult situations effectively? What your clothing says about you?

If you want to get ahead in personal and work life, you have to determine the areas that need attention and start working on them. If you don’t, you simple will not make progress. You can want it all day long, but until you make an effort, nothing will change.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

  • First Component – Determine areas to work on and do it every day until it becomes effortless. Day after day. Until the new way becomes a habit. You CAN make the changes you desire.

Perseverance is striving towards a goal no matter how large the stride.

Nothing says Impressive more than when one can maneuver through a difficult situation without making others feel stupid, bringing unnecessary attention to the issue, and without losing their cool.

Become what you desire! You can choose to resolve problems with determined focus.

  • Second, being impressive is not only being able to smoothly master the areas above, but it also means helping put others at ease in the process.

Having good manners is basically helping others be comfortable. That is at the heart of etiquette. It isn’t some elitist way of being , but it is being considerate of others, putting another person’s needs before your own. It is introducing people to one another, joining in conversation, making the choice to include. These intentional methods have everything to do with being comfortable in your own skin and helping others along the way. When you are comfortable, you can stop focusing on yourself (being self conscious), because you will already be at ease. This enables you to help those around you.

“We rise by lifting others.” ~ Robert Ingersoll

  • Third, keep attitude in check and remember the small skills that are huge indicators that leave a lasting impression. Don’t make assumptions. Don’t take things personally. Be open and attentive during conversation. Remove distractions. Use good eye contact. Seek first to understand. Listen. Show interest. Be interesting. Don’t monopolize the conversation or only talk about yourself. Have a good handshake. Be early and show up prepared.

Knowing socially acceptable ways of maneuvering through life will send the message that you care about how you represent yourself and the place you work. It doesn’t take manners to be a good person, but manners help you become impressive.


“If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time.” Zig Ziglar