What Drives My Bus?

img_0796Immune System

Feel your best so you can BE your best! A huge part of feeling well and staying well has to do with your immune system.

Everything is connected to everything. As I like to say, “What is driving the bus?” To me, the “What” is longevity with good health and fewer medical issues along the way. What drives my bus is my desire for happiness, wholeness, making a difference in the lives of my children and in my little orbit of friends, family and community. In order to do that well, I must feel well. Getting caught up in the newest, best, and fastest can often drive the bus into murky waters of apathy, selfishness, and shallowness. How then, can an apathetic or selfish attitude nurture relationships with nature, self and others?

The immune system is affected by a compilation of five elements including the physical aspect, emotional factor, nutritional intake, environmental surroundings and a spiritual connection. What is put in the body, what is thought, what is felt, what is believed, and what has been experienced through the environment all play a role in the health of the immune system. Continue reading “What Drives My Bus?”


Making a Difference

It’s about caring and giving your best in all that you do.

It doesn’t take much effort, really. Just be considerate of others as you move through your day.

Instead of making your To-Do list today, try making a To-Be list. Consider how you want to live – how you want to be remembered. To dig really deep, you could write your own eulogy. What kind of person do you want to be? What qualities in a person do you find admirable?

Then BE it. Everyday. Day after Day. Day after Day.

The practice of daily focus and intentional living is a step towards meeting your goals. This transformational way of BEing is developed through the discipline of keeping positive habits. Purposefully add items to your To-Do list that are reflective of your To-Be list.

Having integrity, helping others, choosing kindness and making a difference will rarely disappoint and will likely lead to success.


First blog post

I’m happy to be sharing whole health information here. Helping others help themselves is the heart of my work. When you feel well, you can do more. When you learn the skills to be impressive in personal and business life, you become more confident! Feeling great while pursuing new areas of work and personal development is critical for long term success. I hope you enjoy the topics and learn a little something along the way. Thanks for reading.