Whole Health Educator and Leadership Coach

Lynn started teaching Executive Etiquette and Leadership courses while living in Dallas, TX in 1999. She recognized the need for emphasizing health topics within the leadership courses, so she studied at the National Institute of Whole Health.  She is a Franklin Covey facilitator for the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens course and a Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment Practitioner. Helping individuals understand themselves while guiding them to make sustainable lifestyle changes that will improve their health and overall well-being is what Life Plus is all about. Lynn loves working with all ages to help them become their best by teaching leadership skills and healthy habits that lead to personal effectiveness and wholeness.

She strives to live healthy while inspiring others to become their best and reach their goals. Drawing on years of study and working with individuals, she encourages people in a creative, kind and inspirational way leading them to live with intention. Life Plus encourages goal setting in personal life and equips individuals with unique steps for reaching goals in order to make healthy and effective decisions and sustainable lifestyle changes that can lead to improved overall health. Examining 5 elements (physical, emotional, nutritional, spiritual, and environmental) Life Plus guides people to consider what needs to be added to their life and what needs to be removed from their life.

By taking the MBTI assessment, you can learn your personality type, know why it is important for you, what careers may suit you, and how your natural preferences play a role in your decision-making, how you learn and interact with others. Life Plus teaches life skills that help you become more comfortable and confident in various situations and helps you become and feel your best!

Feel Your Best To Be Your Best!