Making a Difference

It’s about caring and giving your best in all that you do.

It doesn’t take much effort, really. Just be considerate of others as you move through your day.

Instead of making your To-Do list today, try making a To-Be list. Consider how you want to live – how you want to be remembered. To dig really deep, you could write your own eulogy. What kind of person do you want to be? What qualities in a person do you find admirable?

Then BE it. Everyday. Day after Day. Day after Day.

The practice of daily focus and intentional living is a step towards meeting your goals. This transformational way of BEing is developed through the discipline of keeping positive habits. Purposefully add items to your To-Do list that are reflective of your To-Be list.

Having integrity, helping others, choosing kindness and making a difference will rarely disappoint and will likely lead to success.



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